Sunday, October 14, 2012

Betty had quadruple bypass surgery and is doing fine

Betty had quadruple bypass surgery and is recovering fine.  She had one of the best doctors in the world, Dr. Alfredo Trento, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and Betty is getting the medication she needs.   She really appreciated the kindness of the staff and their professional integrity.  Thanks to everyone for your kindness and prayers.

We are in a much better financial position at this time and have a more secure place to live.  Although we did not reach the original financial goal posted here, the donations helped sustain us.  Believe me, each and every $1 dollar donation counted.  Thanks to everyone who supported us. 

Even though I took a very early (temporary) retirement from the union, I am still active in the animation industry and working on various projects (very open to any and all leads).  Betty is currently doing well enough to help us revive our cartoon animation workshops for the general public.  An official announcement will be made soon.

Thanks again to all,
Byron and Betty Vaughns

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